Welcome to our OpenTTD community

The n-ice organization ("n-ice.org") was founded by some german friends in 2004, starting out with 10 members and a very basic web page in german (which is still on archive.org if you're curious to see it).
Today n-ice.org is running 15 servers of different types of games (all located in Germany). OpenTTD entered the server fleet in 2008, currently n-ice.org is running 8 OpenTTD servers.

Name reservation

Usernames registered on this website are at the same time protected names on the game servers. If you registered a username here, noone else but you can use this name on any of our servers. To prove ownership of a name it is necessary to login with that username in-game. Players not logged in will automatically be renamed after a while and if they continue to use the name even get kicked. It is worth noting that unlike many other login systems our system allows for space characters within a username.

Competition: highscores and rankings

The servers started as vanilla OpenTTD servers but after a while a custom program that is controlling the servers called xShunter was written. It is what is providing all the extra commands users can execute and of course the goal system. It's also collecting all the statistics you can view on this page.

The login system and statistics didn't fit the concept of the n-ice.org main website, also many OpenTTD players complained that they didn't find OpenTTD specific information there. This is why the website you are looking at was created. If you want to participate the competition and be listed in these statistics you have to create an account here and login with this account from within the game servers everytime you play.