picture taken by w1lz after he got banned - thanks for providing us with it :-)


This page is here to give you a quick overview of our server rules. Every player is expected to read at least this overview and additionally look at the pictures.
However, this list is incomplete for simplicity, so in the end only the detailed rules are relevant:
Detailed rules

  1. Follow the official OpenTTD multiplayer rules.
  2. Competition is limited to PRIMARY INDUSTRIES ONLY! You may not compete SECONDARY INDUSTRIES(Sawmills, Oil Refineries, Food Processing Plants, Paper Mills, Printing Works and Steel Mills).
  3. Don't build stations or station parts that serve the sole purpose of increasing the coverage area, sabotaging other players, increasing the station/town rating or decreasing the distance to another station.
  4. Rule #4: Don't block other players. Reserving land to keep others out of a place is also considered blocking, as is placing obstructions in front of where others are currently building.Occupy at maximum 50% of the space around a PRIMARY industry/town.
  5. Don't destroy towns/cities, only removal of small parts to get room for your station is allowed.
  6. Crossings are first-come, first-served. Exception: rails have priority over streets.
  7. Swearing is allowed, offending other players directly is not.
  8. No racism.
  9. No spamming or commercial advertising. Recommending OpenTTD related web pages or other servers is OK.
  10. The servers are international, you are supposed to speak English in the public chat.
  11. Don't take revenge, call an admin by writing !admin in the chat instead or use the vote commands, type !help to see a list of available commands.
  12. No station spread cheating, e.g. transfers may not be done for the mere purpose of increasing the spread of a station.
  13. The main intention of these rules and of every admin watching the server is to keep the fun for all players up. If you work against that intention and constantly annoy players and/or admins even with only things that the rules don't explicitly forbid you're still risking to get warned/kicked/banned!