Highscore calculation

We are using a complex algorithm that takes several things into account. The exact formula will be kept secret, but here is some hints for you what you should focus on to get the highest possible score (in no specific order):

  • Have a high company value (greetings from Captain Obvious!)
  • Have a good performance rating
  • Reach the performance rating goal before the company value goal (excess performance points increase your resulting score, excess company value doesn't)
  • Be efficient about your vehicle usage, every vehicle decreases your score, but vehicles with good income will compensate for that and even get more (obviously buying lots of unused vehicles will increase your company value but will at the same time be very bad for your score)
  • Be quick, if you get the same goal progress in shorter time you get more points for it
  • Servers with harder difficulty or running especially long will give more points
  • Stay active - the highscore board only considers games that were played within the last 60 days
  • Win your games, the winner company gets 50% bonus points

Highscore archive

On 2011-12-28 a reset of all scores was done to start with a new algorithm for score calculations. The old TOP 10 is archived with screenshots here.

Highscore TOP 10
Personal highscores and profile of rank 1 player
Personal highscores and profile of rank 2 player
Personal highscores and profile of rank 3 player